Fleck the Halls

Poinsettia Jingle Bell Rocks Close 4 copy
‘Jingle Bell Rock’

Novelty—or art-style poinsettias, as we prefer to call them—continue to pique our curiosity. They’re interesting all on their own, so it’s easy to get some Christmas decorations in place as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are done. Here are a couple of speckled Blue Ribbon varieties that look like they got caught in a snowstorm:

‘Jingle Bell Rock’ has classic red bracts with a distinctive blaze of white down the middle and some flecks of white in the red.

‘Sonora White Glitter’ provides a similar flecked effect with white spots and splashes on classic red. This variety has one unique characteristic: the green leaves intermingle with the showy bracts for a holiday trifecta of red, white, and green.

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‘Sonora White Glitter’

Both of these eye-catching points look great in combination planters as well.