FN 2.1 OrnPepper NuMexEaster 3 park seed copy
‘NuMex Easter’—pastel shades for autumn

Here we are on autumn’s doorstep and we’re talking about a Blue Ribbon plant with Easter in its name. Although they’re pastels, these Pepper colors work surprisingly well with fall décor, adding a bit of balance to the bold orange, gold, and red tones that are typical of the season. ‘NuMex Easter’ makes the transition from summer to fall simple—it actually does it for us. Clusters of small fruits top the plant and mature from light lavender to darker purple, then pale yellow and eventually to light orange.

This is a fun little Pepper to work with in the garden. Like the popular ‘Chilly Chili’ that we talked about recently, an assortment of colors is present on the plant at any given time. Unlike ‘Chilly Chili’, however, these Peppers are pretty darn hot so be mindful of where you use this variety.

FN 2.2 NumexEasterPepper totally tomatoes copy
Dense, dark foliage can’t hide these pointy Peppers

‘NuMex Easter’ is a dwarf that was developed at the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. It only reaches about 8 inches high and its small fruits do bring to mind dyed eggs hidden in the grass. This grass, however, is dense, dark green foliage and the pointy Peppers stick straight up out of it, taking the challenge out of finding them. Fruits are produced continuously so baskets—and containers, window boxes, and beds—will always be full.