FN 3.1 1448418214064 HGTVDichondra ‘Silver Falls’ with Petunias

If you’re planning to get creative with novelty fall décor, keep in mind that Blue Ribbon foliage plants are great sources of drama and texture. Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ is a prime example, with shimmering silver leaves that drape and flow in waves over the edge of a tall planter or rock wall. Look very closely and you’ll notice that each leaf actually resembles a tiny lily pad—rather appropriate for a plant that mimics a cascading waterfall.

Silver-white foliage pairs stunningly with brightly colored flowers, especially in shades of pink, purple, and blue. Try mixing ‘Silver Falls’ with ‘Famous Purple’ petunias, or  ‘Royal Velvet’ or  ‘Bourdeaux’ from the Supertunia series. We also use it with SolarPower Ipomoea in Black and Lime for a striking all-foliage combo.

‘Silver Falls’ has been known to trail 3–6 feet out of a hanging basket in one season—very dramatic. If you’re good with a carving knife you can make a pumpkin pirate ship go crashing over the falls.