FN 1.11 Purple Flash msstate.edu sg110517purple200 copy
‘Purple Flash’—the focus is on the foliage

Blue Ribbon Ornamental Peppers offer an alternative to flowering Mums and Pansies with their colorful fruits and foliage. In an assortment of shapes and sizes the Peppers themselves bring an added dimension of texture to autumn décor. We find that picking a purple Pepper puts a unique spin on displays for fall so here are three distinct takes on this compelling Capsicum color:

FN 1.10 Purple Flash parkseed 9d7c466089fb4e898026da10f347a700 copy
Marble-sized fruits change from glossy black to blazing red

‘Purple Flash’ for Halloween sounds like a superhero costume, but this is an ornamental that puts the focus on the foliage. Smoky purple-black leaves have dramatic splashes of bright purple, green, and white, like a blackout with the power going off and on intermittently. Branches naturally take the form of an exotic pyramid reaching up to 15 inches tall, and are decorated with shiny round fruits the size of marbles. These impish Peppers ripen from gleaming black to scorching red—a feast for the eyes and for the hardy heat-lover’s palate.

 FN1.1 CAP Black Pearl 0032
Shiny black leaves and pearl-like Peppers reflect the moon’s glow

‘Black Pearl’ adds a dark, mysterious touch to spooky urns or caldrons, with shiny black leaves to reflect the moonlight. Tight clusters of pearl-like fruits turn from glossy black to brilliant, bloody red—glowing against the blackness as a reminder that they’re fiery hot.

FN1.2 CAP Calico 0001
Fancy variegated foliage for fiendish displays

‘Calico’ brings eccentric foliage to the Halloween party, with leaves that are variegated purple, green, and white. Attractive yet unassuming purple Peppers are fiendishly hot and transform into a more appropriate blazing red as they age.

FN 1.8 orn peppers mambo yellow
‘Mambo Yellow’ is the opposite of mellow—it’s hot, hot, hot!

Now purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel which means the two colors serve to intensify each other. If you’re looking to brighten up any of these pouty purples, pair them with ‘Mambo Yellow’ Pepper. If you’re going for more of a cool vibe, use purple with shades of white, blue, or light green. To heighten the energy in general, mix in the multi-colored ‘Chilly Chili’.

FN1.3 CAP Chilly Chili 0001
Festive ‘Chilly Chili’ raises the energy level