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Nectar is still needed in the fall

Pollinators are on our radar in spring and summer, but when fall rolls around our focus tends to turn toward décor for the seasonal holidays. Remember that bees, birds, and butterflies still need an energy boost this time of year, especially monarch butterflies that are preparing to hit the road on their annual migration south. Nectar stations remain vitally important.

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Pollinators like Pansy Bowls

Lucky for us, many of our Blue Ribbon fall favorites also happen to be bountiful sources of sustenance for these key little garden players, who also add an extra dimension of animation to all our festive autumn displays. Try to work some of these nectar-rich selections into your fall décor themes:

ANG Angelface Blue 0001
Angelonia ‘Angelface Blue’

To add height behind shorter flowering annuals Angelonia ‘Angelface Blue’ is one of our favorites. It also makes a beautiful thriller in containers. We like to say that this cool purple-blue is like a classic pair of jeans—it goes with everything.

FN 2.7 AST Magic Purple 0002 copy
Asters—this is ‘Magic Purple’

Colorful Mums and Asters let you get a jump on fall decorating projects. Asters provide certain shades that are harder to find in Mums, such as ‘Days Blue’ and ‘Magic Purple’.

AST Days 0001
Aster ‘Days’

Eye-catching blooms on mounding plants brighten containers and hanging baskets in colors that translate from summer to fall: ‘Goldilocks Rocks’ is brilliant gold and ‘Bee Alive’ is a stunning orange and yellow bicolor.

FN 2.6 HEL Ballad 0002 copy
‘Ballad’ Sunflower

With their big cheery faces Sunflowers infuse the garden with warmth, plus the seeds provide food for the birds in winter.

ZIN Profusion Double Golden 0001
Zinnia ‘Profusion Double Golden’

Eye-catching double flowers of the Profusion series come in bright tones that are both sunny for summer and warm for autumn. Lush green mounds of foliage make the blooms stand out and quickly fill a space.

FN 1.14 Pansy Color Bowl

Remember: deadheading is another thoughtful habit to get into—it keeps the blooms, and the nectar supply, coming.

FN 2.3 ANT Snapshot Sunset 0002 copy
Snapshot Snapdragons—‘Sunset’ makes a beautiful border

Get creative and brainstorm more pollinator-friendly ideas for fall.

FN 2.4 RUD Toto Rustic 0001 copy
Rudbeckia, like ‘Toto Rustic’