FN 2.01 IPO Spotlight Black
Ipomoea ‘Spotlight Black’ is deeply cut and very black

We love the bold color and texture that Ipomoea brings to a combo but it does get a bit wild at times, with vines getting tangled and taking over the show. Our new Blue Ribbon selection, ‘Spotlight Black’ is a winning solution: it stays tidy and tight—a truly compact Ipomoea—and has elegant, finely textured leaves in deep, dramatic black.

This is a great plant for high summer—the leaves hold their color even in extreme heat. It’s eye-catching in patio containers and makes a compelling accent in garden beds without taking up too much space. Of course, the black foliage helps transition to fall as a neutral companion for bright harvest golds and reds, adding a touch of Halloween spookiness.

FN 2.03 IPO Spotlight Black
With short vines ‘Spotlight Black’ can work as a specimen