‘Bull’s Blood’ Beets

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Dark glossy leaves add drama to displays for autumn

Here we have a different take on Blue Ribbon foliage for fall decor—deep dark red. This heirloom beet dates back to 1840 and was actually developed in the Netherlands for its intense burgundy leaves. They’re glossy and almost black for a striking addition to displays for autumn.

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Entirely red—all the way from leaf to root

‘Bull’s Blood’ is actually the only beet that has entirely red roots, stems, and leaves, though the leaves get all the glory. Their color intensifies as the plant matures and they eventually reach about 18 inches high, a good size for adding dramatic texture and contrast to container combos and ornamental borders.

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They’re even ornamental on the inside

Of course, this plant does double duty because we can eat it. Harvest the leaves and the beets when they’re young for the sweetest flavor—the dark leaves look exotic in a salad, and the tasty beets have pretty pink rings inside. If you need to disguise your vegetables to get them down, use ‘Bull’s Blood’ to make the newest trendy veggie burger—the red of the beets makes it look like a regular beef hamburger.


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Harvest leaves young for salads with an exotic flair